Thumbs Will Twist. Can You Resist?…Thumb Hang

yes! AnvilThe Story of Anvil was an amazing documentary that I recently saw.

Recently, Anvil has been touring around playing a show in some of the theaters that are showing the movie, directly after. 

I saw the show last year in the cafe’ of a theater in Brooklyn. Despite not seeing the movie or fully understanding why the history of that band was so interesting, something about the Canadian trio was intriguing enough to feel that to leave before the set had ended would be a disservice. 

I got to see them again the other week, in the pit of the theater where I saw the movie 10 minutes previous to it. The crowd was much larger and excited than they were even just last year. The band played with as much dedication as they ever have. My friend and I banged heads and summoned the gods….in the middle of the theater. It was awesome. 

The individuals that make the band Anvil really understand life to an extent that so many people born with luck, just never will. They play music with the same passion that they always have. They find inspiration off of each other. They hold down real jobs, tour Europe, an go back to their lives full of discouragement for what they love to do from everyone including their friends and family.  

So why do they keep doing it? In hopes that their day will come. That an album of theirs will be recognized for being worth something, the same way Metal on Metal was, way back when. And while they wait for this to happen, they have become content with even the smallest of success’s they encounter and use it to motivate them forward. 

AnvilBasically, they don’t take advantage of anything. They love their fans. They love their idols. They love themselves. and they understand that when you aren’t born with luck, and things don’t fall into your lap, that its ok to take baby steps to get to where you want to be. 

Anvil does have a following of fans who really want things to work out for them. Myself included. Because the musics not bad, their heart is in the right place, and the only reason they didn’t really get their full 15 minutes is because they did everything right. Never trying to fuck anyone over, through their entire career.

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4 Responses to “Thumbs Will Twist. Can You Resist?…Thumb Hang”

  1. Booth83 Says:

    They seem like nice guys and their music is good but it’s not great

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    after seeing this movie, and the band, i honestly don’t care tooo much how they sound [though i do like it]. they just do what they do with such passion, it’s obvious they love it. they love metal, they love being a band, they love performing.

    i went and saw dragon force a few months back. they’re spectacular musicians, and i dig their tunes, but seeing them play kind of sucked. they looked like they didn’t give a shit about what they were doing. i’d much rather go see anvil play and have a fucking blast doing so, than go see an allegedly more skilled performer play and look like they don’t give two shits.

    one of the reasons i love old punk and hardcore is just the visceral intensity, sense of urgency, and the love of the music that the bands had before they got burnt out. anvil still has that somehow.

    i think if someone wrote/sang other than Lips they’d probably have been able to keep in the public eye a little easier. but without entire songs about tittyfucking it wouldn’t really be quite the same. rob’s drum solo totally kicked ass! and lips is fucking great on guitar! i really dig anvil. i’ll let you know if i get more of their stuff! i don’t feel right downloading it.

  3. incest toons forums Says:

    now I’ll stay in touch..

  4. incest pictures Says:

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