iphone sumNew iPhone was announced… 


Thank god, because I quickly grew bored of hearing the highly ‘ed-jew-ma-kated’ new iPhone users talking about this update as if it would include instant sex, samurai swords, and tiny espresso makers.


The software updates are pretty impressive. The physical updated iPhone is AOL user impressive/ retarded. 

iphone1There’s a few difference between the two available phones. For one, they seem to have striped the current 3G of many of its features and put them toward the new phone. (the option for a white phone and the option of 16/32 gb can now only be bought with the iPhone 3Gs).

  • One has video capability, which is bullshit because it is obvious that the current one technically could have it.
  • a fingerprint resistant screen. Note: Fingerprint. NOT scratch resistant. As if you have a baby that wants nothing more than to gently tap the screen with its grimy little mitts.  Fingerprint resistant? What happened to Windex?
  • Oh, and the new phones got a fatter ass (yeah that’s right. New phone put on the ounces)

some other fancy new features include:

  • Tethering: So now the wireless Internet connection from my phone will transmit so that i can use my computer without WiFi. This is an awesome tour advantage. 
  • Deleting individual texts with-in a conversation: Sleazy boyfriends just got a deleted evidence boner. Honestly. What is the other necessity for this feature?
  • Voice memos: Sending voice or song clips through text and email. Aaaaaand we are now one step closer to ending the need for the phone, itself.
  • Speach inclined auto-texting: Again. Why do we even bother talking to each other anymore?


  • Voice activated actions: Uh, No thanks. I’m apparently inaudible enough as it is. I don’t need the discouragement of a robot calling ‘Cassies Mobile’ when I want to listen to ‘Quasimoto’. Although I’m pleased with how easy it is to access it. (just holding down the home button)
  • Remote Wipe and Encryption: This was another ‘about time’ update. Although its bright, some nice geek in their moms dark basement may be brighter and clean your phone for you while you’re out running errands. Some may call this action ‘hacking’. I call it a fresh start!


  • Cut n Paste: It was only a matter of time until this had to happen. Its been bitched about by dorks since day 1. I’m impressed with the amount of data that can be copied at once. (photos and text in one grab)
  • Photo upgrade: I’m pissed. I disapprove. You don’t need an auto-focus on your phone. Suddenly your photo is art because you tapped on someones face?  I feel the same about the on-phone video editing. It just doesn’t need to be that accessible. It ruins the desire for knowledge of a skill. 

geometric tits


Are you even listening to me?!?


7 Responses to “iTuesday”

  1. gracie Says:

    sorry, what? did you say something?

  2. Booth83 Says:

    Nice tits today 🙂

    All I hear is AT&T is restricting the iPhone and even with the new phones AT&T is’nt able tp support all the features. It’s the second ….or third comming of the Jesus phone but I wont be buying, i’ll wait till I can use Verizon

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    my little brother had an iphone hack for his “older” phone that let him capture video. it worked pretty well too.

    i am leaning more towards land lines and getting rid of my phone. though i guess if i didn’t have texting capabilities none of my friends would be able to find me [or vice versa] half the time.

    earlier this year i almost got a pager to make using payphones better. but they’re actually almost expensive as cell phones! so much for that hilarious idea.

  4. Gala Says:

    I need to see you! ❤

  5. erin Says:

    i think i might get one of those fancy phones.

  6. Rog Says:

    Best iPhone review. Ever.

  7. Jason Espado Says:

    Magnificent GET! From who do you get your iPhone news from? ^^ My hat is off for you, sir.

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