You’re not dying, you just can’t think of anything good to do.

A James Speyer Home

“The place is like a museum. It’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything.”

Camerons house is for sale!

I’m glad to see they got that window fixed before they put it on the market.

I’d be interested to see the floor plan for this place. I guess it would be an easier thing to obtain if I had the 2.3 million showing that I was interested in buying the place.

ooooooh yeeaaaah

The 4 bedroom Highland Park, Illinois home was designed by architects A. James Speyer and David Haid and built in 1953.

A James Speyer Kitchen

Some little things about Farris Bueller’s Day Off that you may not have known:


  • Cameron’s father’s Ferrari wasn’t a real Ferrari. Because it was too expensive to rent one, they made three fake ones with a fiberglass body.
  • When the Ferrari crashed, the fiberglass hood ripped, but branches were put over the rip to make sure the camera didn’t record it.
  • The 1961 Ferrari GT250was a modified MG sports car. The producers received several angry letters from car enthusiasts who believed the car shown was a real Ferrari and that it was actually wrecked in the film.
  • To produce the desired drugged-out effect for his role as the drug addict in the police station, Charlie Sheen stayed awake for more than 48 hours before the scene was shot.
  • Most of the license plates are all abbreviations for titles of films by John Hughes. Katie’s = VCTN (National Lampoon’s Vacation); Jeannie’s = TBC (The Breakfast Club); Tom’s = MMOM (Mr. Mom); Rooney’s = 4FBDO (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ).
  • The exception is Cameron’s Ferrari (seen when Ferris first pulls out of the garage), the license plate of which reads NRVOUS.
  • Originally, Ferris was supposed to say to a radio show, that before he dies he wanted to ride the space shuttle. Due to the Challenger accident, this was removed from the movie.
  • Whenever Mr. Rooney and Ferris have a conversation with each other, only one of them speaks throughout the entire conversation; the other is completely silent.
  • The hall scenes in which you see Jeanie walking down the hall and kid collecting money to save Ferris are the halls from The Breakfast Club
  • Ferris laments not having his own car, but does at least own a synthesizer (an E-MU Emulator II) which cost $8,000 in 1984.
  • John Hughes wrote the script in six days.
  • He can be seen in a tiny cameo in one of the early Chicago downtown montage sequences, climbing literally across traffic, from right to left of screen, wearing a light blue jacket and big ‘eighties hairdo’


thanks IMDB!


6 Responses to “You’re not dying, you just can’t think of anything good to do.”

  1. Booth83 Says:

    That house looks amazing, I love Frank Lloyd Wrights creations. I would give my right nut to live in a place like that.

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    2 million? maybe i’d pay that for this:

  3. Raethfall Says:

    One of the best movies ever made and still my favorite role by Matthew Broderick. Did you also know that shortly after the movie wrapped, Jennifer Grey and Matthew Broderick started dating, thank goodness they weren’t really siblings

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