Math not Mouse

Kingdom Hearts.

Yeah. I’ve slept on it and decided that I’m pretty excited for this DS release.

I just need to think of  math and not Mikey Mouse. I hate that damn rodent.

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8 Responses to “Math not Mouse”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    if you were a guy i’d smack you upside the head. but since you’re most certainly not, you’re entitled certain rights. like enjoying kingdom hearts or liking gambit. there’s just certain things i’ve conceded that i’ll never understand about womins and i will just have to accept. so i shan’t judge.

    • itschloe Says:

      what? Gambit? I don’t even like X-Men
      Stop creating an alternate life for me based around the fact that i will play anything mystical for the DS, or else I’m going to surface photos of you and your Will and Grace DVD collection.

  2. monkeyKing Says:

  3. Booth83 Says:

    I glad you dont like Mickey, I heard he’s a Nazi like the Pope. But Kingdom Hearts??? Did you see any of E3?

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