Well Heres Something New


Lily Allens boob came out to say hi again.

What I love most about the article on it, is that this fact seems almost secondary to other useless facts about things that you can obviously see in this photo.

Like her very sleek bob! OMG!


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2 Responses to “Well Heres Something New”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    is this REALLY ironic? – “Ironically, as the poster girl of the National Portrait Gallery, artist Nadav Kander urges the viewer to ‘take another look’ at people in the public eye.”

    where’s bender when you need him? “that’s not ironic that’s a coincidence!”

    also…is she really having a racy exposure if she’s on a video shoot? who the fuck is sneaking around taking pictures of someone on a cigarette break? people are weird.

    but i’m glad she’s standing in front of a giant sign that apparently says “ANAL”

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