Where’s Your Kiddie Pool?

Pedestrian BroadwayIn order to get to Hagi for my $4 bowl of Uni, I had to weave through this tailgate party last night.

What the hell is the point of it?! Is city traffic not notorious enough? Were tourists in Time Square walking at such an exhausting pace, that they need to take a break?

Silly Bloomberg. Why is this ok? Bryant park has all of this, and less that 5 blocks away. I get that he wants to make driving a less desirable way of commuting within the city, but even if that were to happen, that distwill ALWAYS be busy. Its too close to the tunnel, to not expect a crossover of traffic.

Has he forgotten that this is supposed to be him prime time to show off his sad attempts to ‘understand’ real New Yorkers? Like that time when the MTA went on strike and he wanted to show everyone he can use a $800.00 bike to get to work, so we should use ours too!

Link to the article on the change in Time Square.

Photo of lazy women on the street by Seth Wenig.


One Response to “Where’s Your Kiddie Pool?”

  1. Laura Says:

    Oh, the rage.

    I was blissfully unaware of this. I hate Times Square.

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