Damn The French.


I really should hate Xavier Barrade. My instinct tells me so. He’s French. He’s an artist that can’t draw with any patience. And thinks “freelance graphic designer” is a real job.

And yet he lures me in with his innovate ‘pie’ charts, fill in the blank science visuals, creative typography, and hand made book bindings. He makes me want to sew on paper, do math with M&M’s, continue to make bobble heads with the pages of my grandmothers old LIFE Universe Encyclopedias. So basically continue doing the same shit I’ve been doing for the past 24 years.




3 Responses to “Damn The French.”

  1. Booth83 Says:

    I dont like the French but love french fries.

    Doing math with M&M’s is a great way to learn subtraction.

  2. xavier Says:


  3. suburban Says:

    Anyway, thxs to make me discover him
    (the nationality doesn’t matter)

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