Love Life. Birthday Edition.


Grand family
New york, NY 2009 

Its finally starting to feel like my birthday week is coming to an end.  Despite feeling like a vagabond with the flu, the little things in life are still pretty neat.

Here is the list of little things that have made me happy, recently:

  • Making mushroom barley soup while listening to a William Shatner album.
  • Constantly hearing Devon singing on commercial breaks knowing that he’s finally making he bank that he deserves.
  • My grandmother laughing uncontrollably to break up tension between my mother and I.
  • Hand sewing dolls till sunset in the new and improved Riverside Park.
  • Braving Time Square to see Star Trek in IMAX with a polite yet loud mouthed friend embarrassing people who ‘hold seats’. A theater thats %40 full, and we can’t find two seats next to each other? 
  • Making up ridiculous dances to ridiculous songs. Recording them in Photobooth. And laughing at myself when I’m down.
  • Renaming songs in my iTunes to titles that I find more fitting for the artist who wrote them. Like love songs called “Singing Shit I Should Eat”
  • Going to Fairway for lemonade at midnight simply because its warm out and I can. I don’t even like lemonade.
  • Laughing loudly at mildly funny things. Like Saturday Night Live.
  • Sleeping for 20 hours, to avoid sickness. Its like I’ve hibernated and am ready for this new season.
  • Creating full playlists on Blip.
  • Deciding when its ok to give up, and give in to chocolate dinners at Max Brenners
  • Having long phone conversations with old friends who have a mutual hatred for using cell phones, while their on vacation. Makes a girl feel missed.
  • Being the chocolate ice cream tester for Fine & Raw Chocolates.
  • Receiving a mystery bundle of hardcover Woody Allen books, for my birthday.
  • Doing something fun before realizing that its potentially really gross. (Free Kayaking on the Hudson) 
  • Getting to see the clip of Hank Azaria at the end of the stupid Ben Stiller movie preview. Azaria is one of my favorite actors. I think its the fact that he can play so many characters with a lisp.
  • Getting a man made cake box filled with bones sent to work, when I’m having a bad day.
  • Cute baristas making cute pandas out of coffee.
  • Buying a new colored felt pen every week (one a week ’cause their so damn expensive), and adding a scribble in it to my sketch book.
  • American Nightmares self titled album in the morning. I get really stoked waking up to Protest #00.
  • Making prints of my digital photos, in large scale, aaand selling them

well, yay.


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2 Responses to “Love Life. Birthday Edition.”

  1. tommyrocket Says:

    you are an expert ice cream tester

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