Skeeze v.s. Sleeze


Today, Woody Allen took Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel, to court for a 10 million dollar dispute after Charney used an image from Annie Hall on billboards that were displayed in LA and NY, around 2 years ago.

Johansson n Woody Allen.jpgDov Charney is an immature perverted prick. I’ve had an interview with him, where I witnessed him make a 14 year old cry when he told her that her make up was making her look fat and ugly. I got the seal of approval for introducing him the the term ‘feminazi’. Dude’s a sad short coke headed moron.

True that Woody Allens personal life is bizarre and unorthodox, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is still a brilliant writer with a unique humor.  If it wasn’t true, than American Apparel wouldn’t be trying to promote themselves through his work. I would like to highlight the term ‘work’, since Charneys lawyer has been publicly planning an attack on Allens law suit by possibly bringing his wives and ex wives to the stand in order to dispute that Allens personal life has ruined his reputation and is not worth 10 million.

doucheFuck you, you hypocritical sleaze! Money is not something that will be affecting American Apparel. A company that has made a name for themselves by posting images of underage girls in various stages of undressed. Tattered images, are a poor argument for Charney to dispute with what is now nothing but a married old man who takes pride in the films he makes. A true sign of that is the fact that he does not let his work be used to publicized in order to promote companies.

So granted, both Allen and Charney  are creeps. But while Allen makes bank through rewriting his life into humors fiction, Charney drugs anorexic whores, takes photos of them half naked, and publicizes it. And when he’s not, he decides to steal stills classic films that have NOTHING to do with his product and display them in order to say ‘Hey! I’m a funny sleazy Jew, too!” Slightly more direct and uncreative and insulting.


Gawker article about this can be found here.

Edit: while I was writing this out, my New York Times application informed me of this.


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  1. erin Says:

    they all crazy gurl.

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