Joy the Adorably Sociopathic Tear

Tears of Joy

Meet Joy. She is the tear doll that I made to display the emotion I’m feeling during this extremely busy week. 

Yeah, thats right. I make emotion dolls, because I don’t know how to show them. Its kind of sociopathic. Kind of adorable. 

Photo (and doll) By: Chloe Rice


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5 Responses to “Joy the Adorably Sociopathic Tear”

  1. tommyrocket Says:

    i used to pin a heart on my sleeve to remind myself that i talk too much. originally i’d had differen’t states of the hearts like spazzing and bummed and amped, but since i’m not an emo kid i just used the one [which is bad enough].

    point of story: emotion dolls, pretty good idea. just don’t get angular bangs that cover half your face and start listening to thrice or i WILL hit you.

  2. Laura Says:

    That’s the kind of doll that needs to face the wall at night, otherwise I can’t sleep.

    I’m easily spooked.

  3. erin Says:

    you’re amazing.

  4. astronautel Says:

    Haha oddly cute.. Hope you don’t make your own voodoo style tear dolls when you’re angry at someone.

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