Let the Right One In


Finally saw Thomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In.


I’m really pleased that no one told me that it was a vampire movie, because I  may have felt less inclined. Because when I think of vampires, I think of people like this. Not some cute sociopathic children and the Swedes. 

Its not a thriller filled with gore and that and nearly an hour of the annoying shrieking sound that comes from the dumb broad who can’t figure out how to use a knife, or run, or not get raped. Let the Right One In is tasteful….Mostly. (There’s a scene in it with CGI cats, that was so unnecessary and overdone that…whatever) There is no sexy vampire story of revenge, here. In other stories where someone is sucking blood from a human, you’re cheering for the mortal. But the mood is so beautiful set in this movie, that you can’t help but feel love and sympathy for ‘the other team’.

It was well written, beautifully shot, and although it is ready to watch on Netflix, although I would suggest another way since I’m pretty sure the audio in this streaming was hacked to shit. 









10 Responses to “Let the Right One In”

  1. Booth83 Says:

    It looks like a good movie.

  2. Cristina Says:

    where did you get all those beautiful pictures from the movie? they are awesome!! did you read about the book and the things that were left out of the movie? i think the movie makes the story so much more innocent and pure..

  3. des Says:

    you know, i started watching the dubbed version (mistake) and i was just unimpressed. i’m going to have to go back and start over with the subtitled version.

  4. Samantha Says:

    You must read the book.

  5. :: smo :: Says:

    want to check this out for sure.

  6. Ashley Says:

    I’ve heard such good things about the movie
    But I never knew where to get it
    So to netflix I go

  7. Ashley Says:

    By the way…
    NEVER EVER watch a dubbed foriegn film
    It’s one of the most annoying things ever

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I downloaded this one recently and loved it! Prettiest snow I ever did saw.
    But I’m a lover of vampire flicks (even the crummy ones), so my credibility is shot.

  9. Let The Right Ones Out. « Shoplifting in a Ghost Town Says:

    […] wet teabag of a homo that directed Cloverfield thought he could spruce up the amazing Swedish film Let The Right One In, is beyond […]

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