Days With My Father


I’ve been feeling really inspired by Phillip Toledano, recently.

Born in London, living in New York, Toledano says

“I believe a photo should be like an unfinished sentence. Their should be space  for questions”

I’ve gone through some of his photo essays to find that he always has the perfect amount of words that accompany an astonishing photograph, and knows when words are just not necessary. He dedicates himself to assignments that are typically wondered about, but overlooked by a main element.

His essays only make you look as deep as you want to. In their most minimal form, the convey emotion. Humor, joy, embarrassment, slight discomfort, and  sadness.

The most beautiful photographic time capsule I’ve seen produced in a while is BY FAR the personal documentation that the photographer has of his father in the years following the sudden death of his mother. Full of minimalism, fitting web design, and short summaries, Days With My Father is both inspiring and at times heart wrenching.

It documents so much more than an old man in his lonely home. It shows life as a dying breed. A way of living that is barely left in existence. Its a man who truly loved his wife and continually found a creative spark to keep on living. A real optimist.

Not all people grow old and miserable. With age, comes wisdom. Its your decision if you want to let the wisdom corrupt your spirt, or let it push you to work harder.

notetoselfIf you happen to have about 10 minutes and a box of tissues, I highly recommend looking over Days With My Father.


p.s. Its Tits for Tuesday! Beyond a sad and unexplainable loss of sex drive that motivates me to skim through photos of boobs all week, I don’t feel like letting this post get skipped through for boobs. So this photo from the above mentioned photographer will have to do.


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5 Responses to “Days With My Father”

  1. Booth83 Says:

    I’v never heard of him but after reading that and seeing that picture, I see that he is a true genius.

  2. Laura Says:

    This reminds me of the “Living with Herbie” mini photo journal they had on National Geographic magazine a few months ago. The general mood of the photography and the subject are different, but equally touching.

  3. Myranda Says:

    Chloe thank you for sharing this,,,

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