Jean Seberg Was Kind of a Bummer.


She was just kind of a babe.

  • Seberg stared in Breathless, which lead her into becoming somewhat of an icon. 
  • During the last decade of her life, she only appeared in foreign films
  • While married to French author Romain Gary, she had an affair with Clint Eastwood. This ended their marriage
  • While married serval years later, she had an affair with a revolutionary student and became pregnant. After discovering the child (dead upon birth) was not that of her husbands, he divorced her.
  • While 7 months pregnant with said child, the LA Times and NewsWeek published a rumour that the child belonged to a member of the Black Panthers, due to her supportive political views of the party and persuasion of the F.B.I.
  • Seberg OD’ed on sleeping pills, lost the baby, and presented the stillborn to the press as proof that the child was not racially mixed. 
  • Seberg died after one of many suicide attempts (including throwing herself under the Paris Metro train) in 1979.
  • She was found in her car 11 days after her death, with a short suicide note in hand. 
  • Although her death was ruled out as suicide, it is questionable how she was able to drive with the massive amount of alcohol in her system and without her glasses on.

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