• Last night I went to a ‘hyper transgender burlesque show’ 
  • It smelt like a sweaty taint
  • I’d post a link to their site, but that is time that could be used for better things
  • Like having my knees cut open while listening to U2

Ended up at a hip party full of hip people who were made of skin and hips
Favorite social games to play in those situations:
  • Pretentiously Gay or On Heroin?
  • 15 Years Old or Eating Disorder?
  • Why THAT tattoo?
  • Drunk crazy or Girl Crazy?
  • How do your balls fit in those pants?
  • What is the drug combination in your system?
  • Myspace Model or Real Model?
Its difficult, because the results are typicly a combination of all of these elements.
Looking back, my twitter described my night best:

Previous to my night, was my day.
  • Confirmed to shoot Cursive, tomorrow night
  • Ate brunch alone in perfect Brooklyn weather
  • Listened to a lot of Pinback and Falconer
  • Played with my lights, because its about time that I start setting up more shoots, and learning.
  • Drank mexican coffee in a a shop of extremely caffeinated workers
Me in my room with lighting
Brooklyn, NY 

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