Holiday Shit

christmas 2007:
  • nappy expensive hair
  • Lucky Strike nicotine
  • colorful not so warm clothes
  • love from new families, in Maryland
  • the most useful gifts i never thought i would be worthy to just receive.
  • and a camera and love which has since, passed away…

christmas 2008:
  • next to no hair
  • not smoking (its been months!)
  • one warm jacket, out on loan
  • stealing wreaths with grandma
  • low christian guilt
  • eating waffles in a diner, alone
  • small take out dinners with my grandma
  • talking to friends and remembering why they’re my friends

  • cherry cough drops
  • Perrier
  • Aquaphor

my grandmother got me 

my plans are becoming exciting in the upcoming year
  • dinosaur museum day
  • anti christmas Elf party
  • macaroni experiment night
  • cupcake tours in DC
  •  hnjk piggy back rides through Chinatown
  • shooting live music in places where I’m not eye level to the stage


One Response to “Holiday Shit”

  1. Pacing the Panic Room Says:

    don’t forget to plan on coming here and taking pictures of a wrinkled wet walnut around June sometime.

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