Mikeys Holiday party

Yes. I did it. I left the house. And a friend once told me that 
unless its documented, its like it never happened. She was very right. 

More recently, I was told by another friend that i seem to speak in tongues. I enjoy doing so, if that is, in fact, the case. Less words, more facts. Its a good style, and the combination of photographic documentations and speaking in the bare minimal amount of words needed to get your points across, is a beautiful thing to have the ability to do. 

  • free empanadas
  • free colt 45
  • free rides from home to the river
  • trapeze artists with feathers for tits
  • light hearted drunken co workers
  • three bands
  • first place alcoholic necklaces
  • light snow
  • girls dancing in shorts and popcorn
  • trading tokens for jack n cokes
  • camera battles with a Nikon
  • misuse of mittens
  • cardboard catastrophes 
  • sick jellyfish


One Response to “Mikeys Holiday party”

  1. Bobby Says:

    i will bring glove-ear-muffs into style like white girls with ipods

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