R.I.P. Oldboy

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are talking about remaking the Korean movie Oldboy. Don’t they know that we are only weeks into trying to rebuild America as something to be proud of? That movie is untouchable, for us. Its too smart, too bloody, and too perfect to say ‘I ruied War of the Worlds, so why not take a stab at destroying this one, too?’

I know the feeling.

In happier news, my friend Gala decided that I got to be the poster girl for Happy, today! 
So due to this, I feel like I should tell you about the thing that have recently made me very happy:
  • The Billy Wilder movie The Apartment. Jack Lemmon is a pleasant person to watch panic and love.

  • And this painting by Brian Viveros. 


2 Responses to “R.I.P. Oldboy”

  1. Pacing the Panic Room Says:

    might I suggest another Jack Lemmon gem: “Prisoner of 2nd Ave” it’s the tits!

  2. Gala Says:


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