Day in Dumbo, Brooklyn


One Response to “Day in Dumbo, Brooklyn”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this seems like a hard time in ones life…i have been there, its hard..but i survived, i almost didnt though. i cant tell where the break up happened, but i feel your pain..i cant figure out who made it happen, but it brings back memories of my stupid little life.i know im a creep for investigating sooo much.i guess thats what i am, at least i admit what i am, and i am true to myself….you probably will never read this, thats why im being so remind me of me in sooo many ways…ever since i saw you in some dvd where you dance in roller skates.something like that i would never do even if i had a perfect body..well i guess this is a therapist cause im letting tooo much out.i hope your life is better nowdont ever let the blues in, they will ruin you, they can even kill happy for ever,its really fun to read your blogs.i could never write as well as you can. your a big inspiration.if you ever read this please ignore it…..

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